How many Class and Driving Hours are required by NCDMV to obtain a permit?

30 hours in the classroom and 6 hours of in car driving instructions. North Carolina does not recognize online class time.

What are North Carolina's requirements for obtaining a permit?

Anyone under  age 18 must complete 30 hours class and 6 hours of road work by a NC state certified driving school or public school conducted class to receive a NC Permit.
See NCDMV link for the Graduated Driver License requirements for those age 15-17

Students age 14.5 are eligible to attend driver education classes

Anyone 18 or older - Is not required to take lessons to obtain a NC License or Permit,  For further information about our private lessons contact our office

When will  the 6 hours of driving take place?

After completing 30 hours in the classroom students will receive a phone call from a driving instructor. Updated information on the schedule will be given during class time.

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